Everyone, first of all thanks for your interest in knowing more about me. Well, as I have said, I am just a girl next door who could not resist the aroma of delicious food cooked by neighbors. There had been times, that I door crashed, seeking to know what's being cooked. I know it's a bit odd, but that's what I am. 

Cooking, is what satisfies me the most (to be honest actually it's the praise from those who eat it), well I share recipes for my own satisfaction, but trust me will not mind a little admiration ;)

Please share your thoughts, suggestions, and of course tell me if there is some mistake, in comments or through the contact form provided in footer of www.bhumikaskitchen.com or you can also mail us at mailus.indianrecipeshindi@gmail.com. 

And yes, do share our recipes and spread joy!

Besides, cooking I love reading, chatting and occasionally I try my hands at writing too.